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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Gain Access?

After purchase, you will be able to immediately log in - you can access our portal right away with the email and password you created. Click the Membership Home tab to be taken to the hub!

I'm New To Selling Physical Or Digital Products Online - Is This Membership Still For Me?

Absolutely! If you can commit just a few hours a week, I’ll show you how to build and launch your online business even if you have zero tech skills, no product to sell and no idea where to start. This is the membership I wish I had when I started out. Not only am I giving you my proven step by step strategy, I'm also giving you everything you need to get started - all done for you. 

Is There Any Support?

Yes – we are always available to offer advice and support to help you if you need it. We are active every day in the Facebook group, you can connect with us on Instagram or through the website chat which we'll get back to as soon as possible.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

Of course! You’re free to cancel at any time. Remember, you do need an active subscription to continue reselling our products and receive new products or you'd need to purchase one of our buy-out packages which will allow you to purchase lifetime rights to continue selling even after you're no longer a member!

How Often Is New Content Uploaded?

New content is uploaded on a monthly basis at a minimum but more often than not, each category will be updated more frequently than this

How Do I Join The Facebook Group?

Simply click here to request to join the group and you'll be accepted within 24 hours by either Elise or Megan who are present in the group and actively on hand to support you. You can also use the group to give feedback on the membership, suggest/request new content and chat with fellow like-minded business owners all in the same boat as you or ask for advice!

How Do I Change My Billing Details?

Navigate to My Account using the icon in the top right corner, from here the drop down will show "Payments". Here you'll be able to change your details and add new cards.

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